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check2   "Прибыльная дистрибуция"
Одесса 20-21 мая
Минск 23-24 мая
Ростов 29-30 мая
Ставрополь 31-1 июня
Киев 25-26 сентября
Москва 2-3 октября

check2  Школа супервайзера КПД 
Москва 24-25 апреля
Харьков 24-25 апреля
Одесса 24-25 апреля

check2   Управление территорией

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17 years at the distribution market of the CIS-countries. Working for the welfare of distribution business.


  • check2 offered a system outlook on the development of the sales system and the refund system.
  • check2suggested the technology of cloning sales representatives – the system of distribution, which is less dependent on the human factor.
  • check2developed in-house training programs, being the first to release a set of video guides in distribution.
  • check2systematized the stages of distribution development with manufacturers.
  • check2systematized the stages of distributor’s business.
  • check2developed the technology of supervisor’s work in an office and enroute.
  • check2developed the technology of a dispatch-sensor system of distribution.
  • check2suggested a new model of distribution business – a marketing-distribution company.
  • check2created a reporting system of the quality distribution building (KDB), which allows evaluating the level of system work with the retail.


  • check2developed solutions on the quality profit enhancement (QPE) in a distributor business and created QPE accounting.
  • check2suggested an IT-solution “Efficient supervisor”, which allows to increase the efficiency of supervisors’ work to at least 75%.
  • check2developed a series of reports on distribution development for the owners of distribution and manufacturing companies.


  • check2written the books “Supervisor’s Workbook”, “Distribution in practice”, “Conquer and Keep”, which became handbooks in many companies.
  • check2have initiated the communications between the distribution markets of the CIS-countries and Europe.


The clients of the company are distribution and manufacturing companies of the CIS-countries.

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